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If you are in the habit of reading books, please accept my congratulations!

I am not saying that reading books on self-development is the only way to improve yourself. But it’s the easiest way. You may attend seminars. But seminars cost you a small fortune – even a one- day seminar is expensive. Instead, you may buy 2 or 3 books for the same amount. Moreover, books can be read any number of times. You don’t have to pay every time for re-reading! The real benefit from books is obtained during subsequent readings. Bob Proctor, author and professional coach says he has been reading THINK AND GROW RICH for the past 40 years and every time it gives different inner meanings. (This book can be freely downloaded from the website successmanual dot com). Or you can start with Robin Sharma’s books. Visit his website for a free e-book. You may also write to me for more authors.

Please, please, do not borrow books from your friends – unless you want to lose their friendship. Borrowed books stay on your tea-table and are never read. Have you observed that the moment you borrow a book, you suddenly become ‘busy’ (God only knows how!) and cannot find time even to return it? Sometimes, a borrowed book is re-borrowed by another friend ( “I was looking for this very book for the past two years” ) of course, never to return.

Remember, the purpose of reading is to improve yourself. So, do not read them like you read fiction. Read in a slow pace, underline or highlight sentences which appeal to you. If a particular sentence is very meaningful to you, underline it and immediately note the page number on the inside cover of the book for future reference . All the while, keep in mind that you are reading to enhance your value – which, in turn, brings you more income.

When you come across sentences which are inspiring, write them down in a note book. Read such quotes often. I have made it a point to read a few quotes every morning.

When you start following the principles described in such books, your friends will notice a change in you. When asked, do not disclose them what you are reading. Because they cannot understand your intent and may make fun by saying something like “nobody can improve just by reading” or some such equivalent. Be mysterious!

By the way, if you feel that you are too busy even to read books, then these lessons are not for you. Why waste your time here?

For those who are ready, Lesson 4 is waiting.




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