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People spend a lot of money for dress, hotel, visiting places etc. There are those who spend money for club membership, socializing etc. And then there are people who spend money on cars – by buying bigger and bigger cars. Behind all these spending activities, you can find a common thread: ego

Ego and self-development are at opposite ends. They are indirectly proportional. The more you move towards improving your self, the smaller your ego becomes.

There is a confusion between self respect and ego. Other people can easily recognize these two qualities in you. If you have no healthy respect for yourself, how can others show respect to you? On the other hand, if you are full of ego, others will avoid you – unless they have some personal benefit . That’s why politicians are always surrounded by “party workers”. As long as politicians feed them, they stay.

It is unfortunate that people do not recognize the importance of self-development. It is needed for career advancement; it is needed for improving one’s business; it is needed for all self-employed persons; it is needed for making more and more friends in the society. It is also needed for improved relationships. To put it succinctly : it is needed to make more money.

It is advisable to read this Module along with Module I




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